I am an Italian artist and I have followed my mother’s footsteps in art,

I go by the name of ScoobaFish.

I transform objects washed up on our beautiful sandy beaches and rubbish dumped along the roadside into art.

Because I firmly believe in this recycling project, I gather these objects to put back life into them by transforming them into a range of artworks that go from wall sculptures and lamps as well as lettering, characters and portraits made out of recycled materials.

This is my way of trying to clear up the world.
I place great faith in your appreciation of this beauty and philosophy.


I have 30 years experience in professional Fine Art with a deep knowledge of creative flow from concept to recycling discarded materials.










Recycling Objects

Scoobafish is a sustainable project for the recycling of junk in our environment. Some discarded objects are washed up on our beautiful sandy beaches, other objects such as household objects, unwanted and useless junk is dumped along the road side by people totally unaware of the consequences of their actions.

Give Them another Life

All of my artworks are made up of objects that would have been taken to the dump and driftwood, whereas I've managed to recuperate them and give them another life. Who knows who used these objects before, and where these objects came from? Who knows... who knows... I place great faith in your appreciation of this beauty and recycling philosophy.

Final Objective

My final objective is to create an awareness in people that useless and unwanted object can always be turned into something beautiful. Recycling is the main theme to all my artworks. Each work of art is unique so nowhere else in the world will another copy be found. Therefore this piece of junk that nobody wanted will be turned into something very beautiful that somebody will once again see the beauty in it.

Stage Installations

I have worked in a number of exhibitions where the design needs to be carefully considered. As well as for performance spaces and lighting, ScoobaFish artworks can be used to enhance immersive spaces that create the right environment to stimulate learning.

Artworks for Sale

All of my artworks are on sale. Feel free to contact me for the prices and any other details. Another service that is offered is rental of wall sculptures and lamps to Hotels, Restaurants and Congress Halls. Feel free to contact me for further information at info@scoobafish.com

Artworks upon Request

Keeping in mind that the main theme of my artwork is recycling, I am willing to create upon request anything ranging from sculptures, lamps, lettering, logos, 3D portraits, characters, publicity and typographic projects. Feel free to contact me for further information at info@scoobafish.com


via San Filippo snc fraz. Berruiles 08020 Budoni (OT) Italy


+39 335 816 8862